It supports Galileo (E5a, E5b, E6, E1), GPS / QZSS (L5, L2, L1), QZSS (L6), GLONASS (G2, G1), Beiduo (B2, B3, B1).

Supports multi-frequency multi-constellation,
A compact and lightweight circularly polarized pattern antenna that uses both sides of a board with dimensions of 34 x 34 x 0.4 mm and a weight of 1.5 g.
An LNA with a gain of 12 dB is also available, so please use it.
型  式 FMSP-QZSS-Q55
商品内容 Depending on the installation conditions, the resonance point of the built-in antenna may shift.
We prepared a sample in a resin case that matches the resonance point of the antenna.
(See document 3 Photograph of evaluation antenna)
仕  様 Galileo (E5a, E5b, E6, E1), GPS / QZSS (L5, L2, L1), QZSS (L6), GLONASS (G2, G1), Hokuto (B2, B3, B1) at zenith It is 3 or less over the frequency of.
Since each frequency band is concentric circularly polarized waves, the phase difference is zero.
For details, refer to the attached device specifications (Document 1 FMSP-QZSS-Q55 Specification).

For inquires, please contact us at the following e-mail address and let us know the model name that you are interested in.
関連情報1FMSP-QZSS-Q55 pamphlet
資  料1FMSP-QZSS-Q55 Specification V1.1.pdf
資  料2LNA specification.pdf
資  料3Evaluation antenna photo.JPG
資  料4FMSP-QZSS-Q55 Gain details.pdf

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